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All-in-One Serviced Accommodation Booking Management

With our comprehensive approach, we take care of every aspect of your property management. Our professional marketing strategies capture the attention of potential guests with high-quality photographs, while regular listing updates keep your offerings relevant and attractive. We handle all general maintenance requests through trusted tradespeople, ensuring your property is always in top condition. Our reliable cleaning teams ensure each guest is welcomed by a spotless home and fresh linens, with images taken to showcase the cleanliness. Additionally, we implement proactive measures such as smart noise sensors, live feed CCTV, and 24/7 security to protect your property during guests’ stays.

Guest Management

Ensuring the safety of your property from uninvited visitors is crucial. We thoroughly evaluate guests for every reservation and grant access exclusively to those who demonstrate respectful behavior during their stay.

Our round-the-clock guest care team is well-prepared to address inquiries, accommodate requests, and facilitate bookings. Our aim is to provide all guests with a friendly and efficient service.

An uncomplicated and safe check-in process is essential to ensure a fantastic guest experience right from the beginning. We carefully evaluate the available options, such as key safes and smart locks, for each home to determine the optimal solution.

Set Up Management

Professional marketing pictures are essential for serviced accommodations. We arrange them for every home we manage, understanding their significant impact.

We prioritize compliance with legislation and the safety of your guests by conducting Fire Risk Assessments and obtaining Gas Safety Certificates for your property.

We offer a convenient add-on service of professional interior design and installation. This allows you to enjoy a hassle-free setup process, as we take care of everything for you.

Listing Management

We conduct regular listing reviews to ensure that each of your listings achieves high rankings in search results. By making continuous subtle adjustments, we are able to enhance each listing and maximize its demand.

We create comprehensive listings for each home on all major booking platforms. These listings are linked through a synchronized calendar, ensuring that you never miss out on potential bookings.

We consistently update our listings to keep them fresh and relevant. By regularly refreshing the content, we ensure that our listings stay up-to-date and appealing to potential guests.

Property Management

We collaborate with trusted tradespeople in every location to effectively manage all general maintenance requests on your behalf. Whether it’s replacing light bulbs or fixing faulty ovens, we take care of it all, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Our dedicated cleaning teams, known for their reliability and professionalism, guarantee that guests are welcomed to a clean home with freshly made beds. We also capture images after each cleaning session to showcase the pristine condition of the property.

In addition to our thorough pre-stay procedures, we take proactive measures to safeguard homes during guests’ stays. Our comprehensive approach includes the utilization of smart noise sensors, live feed CCTV systems, and round-the-clock security measures. We go above and beyond to ensure the protection of each home like no one else.

Booking Management

Our creative marketing strategies, efficient systems, and dependable service enable us to save up to 20% in platform fees on approximately 60% of your bookings. With our expertise, you can enjoy significant cost savings while maintaining a high booking rate.

By employing a range of techniques, including fostering close corporate relationships and employing intelligent calendar management, we consistently secure bookings exceeding 30 days. Our strategic approach ensures a steady stream of long-term bookings for your property.

Our dynamic pricing strategy optimizes revenue, occupancy, and profit by automatically adjusting rates to maximize returns. The intelligent system utilizes historical data and real-time booking information from multiple platforms to learn and make precise pricing adjustments. This ensures that your property’s rates are always optimized for maximum financial gains.

Serviced Accommodation Made Easy

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With our easy onboarding process, we handle everything from interior design and professional marketing pictures to compliance and safety checks, making the entire experience hands-off for you.


Sit back and relax as we take care of everything, from interior design and professional marketing pictures to compliance and safety checks, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free experience.